HERS Report

Well, here it is, our final HERS (and WERS) ratings!

HERS (Home Energy Rating System) is a way to standardize and measure a building’s energy efficiency.

This home is calculated to generate more clean energy than it draws from the grid. A negative rating represents the  additional clean energy the home is putting back into the grid, based on the scale of 100 for what a standard new home uses. Each negative point (-1, -2, -3, etc.) represents 1% of what a normal new home would use being returned to the grid. This home will use 107% less energy than a conventional new home!

A home with a Negative HERS rating is called a Positive Energy Home.

Santa Fe, NM is know to have a stringent green building code. All new construction in Santa Fe must have a HERS rating of 60 or less, must meet strict ASHRAE ventilation requirements and must have a WERS rating of 70 or less. This is an example of how progressive city regulations can be used to achieve clean energy goals.